Life in the Electroverse universe

It was suggested I take a look at the Electroverse website, which has been posting about record cold weather around the globe.

I found much more, including warnings of an imminent global cataclysm that we are all urged to prepare for. But not a lot of evidence. Read on to find out more.

Electroverse website

The Electroverse website seems to have 4 main concerns:

  1. It predicts that the earth is heading for a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) – an event where the sun’s radiation is at a minimum, thus causing lower temperatures on earth.
  2. It also predicts that a geomagnetic excursion (a rapid and dangerous change in the location of the earth’s magnetic poles) is imminent.
  3. The concurrence of these two events will result in a global cataclysm that we all need to prepare for individually by learning how to be self-sufficient.
  4. The current and predicted future occurrence of record cold weather is the first sign that global warming is a hoax and the GSM and polar “flip” is imminent.

The writer(s) don’t provide any information about their qualifications.

Analysis of claims

I have examined these four Electroverse claims and this is my summary.

1. The GSM may possibly happen soon, but it is unlikely to be as disastrous as predicted by Electroverse.

The sun’s radiation varies in a 11 year cycle, and also varies from one cycle to the next. Since this radiation warms the earth, variations will affect temperatures on earth. Occasionally radiation can be significantly low, an event known as a GSM.

There are signs that the sun may be in a phase of reduced radiation and this may lead to a GSM in the next few decades, but this isn’t at all certain. Even if a GSM occurs, most scientists think that global temperatures will only be reduced by about 0.3°C. This will slow global warming by several years, which will hardly be catastrophic.

2. Magnetic excursions are extremely rare and probably take centuries to occur.

Geomagnetic excursions occur at a time when the earth’s magnetic field is very weak. The magnetic field repels many harmful forms of radiation, so when it is weak, more radiation reaches the earth and can make life on earth hazardous and could make some species extinct. It would have a serious impact on electrical and communications systems.

Electroverse bases its prediction of an imminent cataclysmic excursion on a claimed 12,000 year cycle. But excursions are not cyclic, they are much rarer than claimed, and some of his data has no basis, i.e. it appears to be invented.

There are some signs of a weakening magnetic field, but experts consider it most likely that an excursion is more than 500 years away.

3. A GSM-excursion cataclysm doesn’t seem to be imminent, and may not be as disastrous as claimed.

There appears to be no reason to predict a GSM and a geomagnetic excursion in the next 3 decades. And it seems likely that the onset of a future excursion would be slow enough to allow reasonable protective measures.

4. Global temperatures continue to rise and hot weather events predominate over cold weather events.

I have discussed this before ( Another cool month – so what? ). There are many factors affecting global temperature, and these result in the temperature varying about a rising trend. The highlighted cold weather events fit within global warming predictions.

Highlighting the lesser number of cold weather events while ignoring the larger number of hot weather events and the overall global trend is dishonest “cherry-picking”. Yet this is a major tactic of climate change deniers, including Electroverse.


Electroverse has little credibility. It ignores and distorts data and draws wildly speculative conclusions. I think it is best to take no notice.

Read more on this website at Electroverse.

Graphic: Computer simulation of the Earth‘s field in a period of normal polarity. The lines represent magnetic field lines, blue when the field points towards the centre and yellow when away. The rotation axis of the Earth is centered and vertical. The dense clusters of lines are within the Earth’s core. Wikipedia (public domain).


  1. What are your qualifications?
    You havent posted any scientific supporting evidence!
    This site is full of nothing.

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