Fact sheets

Short, readable summaries of what the experts tell us about important topics. We’ll be adding new sheets all the time.

Climate science


The science of global warming.
The physics of the earth’s atmosphere, why the world is warming, and how scientists know this.

Earth from space

How global warming leads to harmful climate change.
As the earth gets warmer, our climate and weather both change. 

Cracked earth in drought

How climate change affects people and the earth.
A warmer world is harmful to people and the environment. Check out the details.

Didcot power station cooling towers

The causes of global warming.
The facts are very clear. By far the biggest cause is our burning of oil, gas and coal (not volcanoes or changes in the sun’s radiation).

Wind farm

Combatting climate change.
Acting to ameliorate climate change will actually save money. The long term gain with be worth the short time pain of adjustment.

Wind turbines

Renewable energy.
Facts about types of renewable energy, why it’s good, whether it’s practical, and how a renewable energy system would work in Australia.

Responding to claims

Twqo women in conversation

How to talk to people about climate change
6 guidelines to having worthwhile and contructive conversations about climate action.

Woman with laptop

How can we know who to believe? 10 guidelines
Ten guidelines on knowing who and what claims to believe about climate change.

Protesting climate inaction

Understanding conspiracy theories.
Why conspiracy theories become entrenched and how best to respond to them.


Coping with climate grief
Climate grief is a form of trauma that can have serious physical and mental effects. Here’s some tips on keeping mentally and emotionally on top.

Going deeper


Bushfires and climate change
The reasons why the 2019/20 bushfires were ‘unprecedented’ (and why future bushfires are likely to be more destructive than past fires).

Wind farm

Birds and wind farms
Do wind turbines kill birds in large numbers? It turns out they don’t kill nearly as many as other human activities, and improvements are being made.

Great Barrier Reef

Coral reefs and global warming
The Great Barrier Reef includes 10% of the world’s coral reefs and plays on important part in ocean ecology. But it is in danger of being destroyed.

Rooftop solar panels

Lifestyle changes we can make to reduce climate change
What lifestyle changes can you and I make to reduce our carbon emissions, and which are most effective?

Graph of extreme heat events

A scientist discusses climate change with Craig Kelly
An email discussion back in 2019 provides some good information that corrects Mr Kelly’s claims.

Health and Covid-19


Viruses and vaccinations.
Background information from the medical professionals, summarised to help us understand Covid-19 and understand where alternative ideas are mistaken and dangerous.