Couple holding sign asking for the truth about climate change

A concern for truth

Why this blog?

We started this blog because we recognise that the natural world is deeply affected by human activity. But sometimes the truth about these impacts is obscured by misinformation.

We are especially concerned about the impacts of a changing climate.

And we are also concerned that factual, truthful information is available for the general public.

Why Hughes?

Most of us contributing to this blog live in the electorate of Hughes in southern Sydney.

And it is an unfortunate fact that the Federal member for Hughes, Craig Kelly MP is a significant source of misinformation on climate change.

Lately he has also been supporting other “causes” that depend more on conspiracy theories and imagination than on expert knowledge.

So our aims are ….

Our aims are simple.

  1. To fact check statements made by Mr Kelly, and others, on climate change and other matters important to our community.
  2. To provide the people of Hughes with news and background information on these issues.
  3. For Hughes to be represented by an MP whose views are informed by good science.

Our ethos

We are determined to make this blog:

  • as factually accurate as possible (which means we welcome corrections if we get something wrong); and
  • courteous at all times, treating with respect even those with whom we disagree.

We hope you share our aims

If you do, please follow this blog and get notifications of new posts.

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Graphic: cottonbro on Pexels.