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Craig Kelly and home cooling – 6 facts

The claim

In the early hours of 6th November, Craig Kelly criticised idea that we can control climate change by surrendering our ability to control the temperature inside our home.


Mr Kelly has misrepresented climate action and ignored several important facts. We can move to renewable energy without compromising supply, if the government chooses to act.

What he said

Assessment – six facts

1. The climate is changing

Mr Kelly admits it himself. He calls it “the ever changing climate”, and doesn’t mention that the change is strongly in the one direction of an over-heating earth. He doesn’t mention that this change is largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels. But he at least recognises it is changing.

You can read a summary of the evidence in The science of global warming and How global warming leads to harmful climate change.

2. We CAN control the climate (to an extent)

We may not be able to change the variability of the day-to-day weather. But because global warming is caused by human activity, we can reduce the extent and the impacts of warming if we are wise enough and disciplined enough to act.

3. Climate change means more inside cooling

The world is warming. Heatwaves are become more frequent, longer and more deadly. If we allow the world to continue to warm, this will only get worse, and we’ll need more air conditioning.

4. Fossil fuels aren’t necessary for home energy

Electricity produced by renewable sources is just as capable of powering home air conditioning as electricity from coal-fired power stations. It is misleading (and actually silly) to suggest we need fossil fuels for that purpose.

5. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper

Transitioning to renewable energy won’t cost as much as most people think. Electricity from renewable sources is more expensive than electricity from current coal-fired power stations, but it is now cheaper than electricity from new coal-fired power stations. Mr Kelly’s approach will actually cost us all more in the long run.

6. Build the economy

It has been shown that the cost of NOT acting on climate change will be much greater than the cost of transitioning to renewable and sustainable approaches. Business leaders are getting on board and urging the government to act.

Renewable energy will create more jobs in Australia, which is blessed with enormous renewable energy resources. We could become a profitable renewable energy exporter.

The bottom line

The majority of people accept the science of global warming, and calling them “warmists” is derogatory and unhelpful. And I have not seen anyone “deluded” enough to think that transitioning to renewable energy puts home cooling at risk.

Mr Kelly is supporting an out-dated approach that will cost us all, and will cost our children and grandchildren even more. We can provide inexpensive renewable energy if the government chooses to act.

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