Aboriginal flag


Today I acknowledge that this day, which is a time of celebration for most Australians, is a day of mourning for our First Nations people.

For them it is invasion day, but also a day of survival. Against the odds they have maintained their identity and as much of their culture as was possible.

Today I acknowledge the Gweagal people of the Dharawal nation on whose land I now live, and whose land comprises a large part of the Hughes electorate.

And I acknowledge to my sorrow that my life and prosperity has been partly built on the back of stolen land, stolen lives and stolen wages. Inequality and white privilege have given me opportunities unfairly denied to many First Nations people.

But today I also acknowledge and thank my Aboriginal friends who, despite this history, seek reconciliation, truth, justice and friendship. May the non-indigenous people of Australia, and our Government, respond truthfully and sensitively to this generosity of spirit.

In response, I accept the responsibility of being part of changing the future.

Photo Credit: Bob~West on Flickr via Compfight.

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