Who can we trust?

For several months now, Craig Kelly has been highlighting the fact that a number of deaths have followed Covid vaccinations. He has insinuated that vaccinations aren’t as helpful as claimed, and more harmful than claimed, and then repeated that we cannot trust the two major political parties.

Now a report into the effectiveness of Covid vaccinations has been released, and it helps us see who we can and cannot trust.

The claims

Back in September, I reported (Craig Kelly and TGA: “seriously misleading” information) on a page on the United Australia Party website that gave misleading information on 448 deaths following Covid vaccinations. The information was misleading because the deaths were from unspecified and as-yet uninvestigated causes, and experts said the likely number of deaths actually caused by the vaccination were a very small percentage.

The claims continued to re-surface in UAP and Craig Kelly’s advertising, for example:

  • This UAP Youtube video draws attention to the 487 deaths following Covid vaccinations, without mentioning that the deaths were from many causes, and asked for a government inquiry.
  • A number of Facebook posts, including this one from 6 November reporting two vaccinated people contracting Covid-19, spoke against the idea of vaccination passports, with the inference that vaccinations weren’t as helpful as claimed.
  • This UAP webpage highlights a number of deaths and adverse reactions after Covid vaccination, again with the inference that the vaccination was the cause. It reinforces this inference with the claim that the vaccination program in the US had “caused” 5,000 deaths and numerous adverse medical side effects, despite the fact that the website says clearly: “Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.
  • I saw another online reference (which unfortunately I cannot currently find) to the deaths after Covid vaccination, again leaving the impression that there were many deaths and this was a scandal. (If I find it I’ll reference it here.)

The push back

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website makes it clear these deaths are not all caused by the vaccination:

“The TGA uses adverse event reports to identify when a safety issue may be present. An adverse event report does not mean that the medicine is the cause of the adverse event.”

Professor Skerrit of the TGA pointed out that people die for many reasons unrelated to Covid, and some will die after having a vaccination. He said: “When we look down at cause and effect, we believe that there’s a total of nine reports of deaths that can be associated to vaccines, and this is against the background of 20 million doses of vaccines given in Australia,”

New report shows the benefit of vaccination

Now Mr Kelly’s wish for further investigation has been fulfilled.

NSW Health has reported on more than 60 thousand locally-acquired Covid cases in almost 4 months between June and November. The results are a startling confirmation of the effectiveness of vaccination.

Unvaccinated people are eleven times more likely to contract Covid than the fully vaccinated.

The unvaccinated are more than 16 times more likely to end up in ICU or to die than the fully vaccinated.

And among those vaccinated who were admitted to ICU or died, the majority were either aged over 80, or had serious underlying health issues, or both. If you are vaccinated, under 80 and reasonably healthy, it is most unlikely that Covid will kill you.

Vaccination is spectacularly successful, especially among the younger population.

Who can and should we trust?

The UAP motto is “We can never trust Labor, Liberals or the Greens again.”

We each will have to decide on the truth, or otherwise, of that statement.

But perhaps we have enough information to decide if we can trust Craig Kelly and the UAP, or conclude that their scare tactics and insinuations are not worthy of being taken notice of?

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